Dr. Yves E. Casimir

Founder & CEO

Dr. Casimir is co-founder of Rapha Binah and founder of Optimal Care of Rockland Ventures.  She is a Doctor of Nursing Practitioner, who has been providing effective medical health and wellness care to patients since 2000. She is trained at NYC Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and specialized in critical care and general family internal medicine. Her passion is Optimal Care, taking a holistic approach treatment to her patients’ well-being! Dr. Casimir as a Haitian descent, is multi-culturally competent and responsive with sensibility to her patients. Services are offered in English, Haitian French and Créole and also in Spanish.

  • As a Health and Life Coach, Dr. Casimir commits to focus on being a teacher of transformation; a master of habit change; an advocate for healthy living and being an accountability partner (to keep clients striving to reach their ultimate goal) and sustained motivation to achieving goals and celebrating life successes.
  • Set attainable goals for her clients and suggest alternative ways to cope with setbacks, with the focus of the imagine success to attain.
  • Support clients in the unveiling of the actual meaning behind behaviors (conscious and unconscious) or in reaction to outward stresses.

As a Health and Wellness Coach Dr. Casimir works with clients who want to lose weight, get or stay physically fit, improve their emotional well-being, reduce stress, and manage health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol by making positive, lasting changes in their diet and lifestyle.

Work one on one with clients to create tailored plans to help them set and meet goals, by offering ongoing coaching and support to keep clients on track to attaining successes.

Dr. Casimir scholarship includes:

    • Doctor of Nursing Practitioner (DNP) and Board Certified
    • Master of Nursing Practitioner ( MSN FNP)
    • Bachelor Nurse  (BSN RN)
    • Certified Health and Wellness
    • Certified Life Coach

Our Healing Approach

Our mission:  Healing behaviors.

Our vision is to be the premier multi-lingual (English, Haitian French Créole) provider of mental health behavioral ABA therapy services to individuals to healing the mind and behaviors. That each client would prosper in all things if they can believing in faith, health, wealth.

Our core values are the subconscious mind is the automatic reinforcer to engage in reprogramming and reconditioning consciously for self-independence and for socially, adaptive functional fulfilling life-engaging successes through practicing effect.

Our Story

Every person has challenges or obstacles standing in the way to happiness, health, wealth, love for a complete fulfill living. Rapha Binah–Healing Shift®, is the answer to our passion and endeavor of purpose–to help individuals improve their lives through mind and behavior shifting. Whether one needs empowered with a professional career, personal life circumstances, family life relationship, with Rapha Binah, we stand to support each person attains his/her imagined success. See Services offered.

Clinical Behavior Analyst - Autism Expert - Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Ed C Joseph, MBA, CAS, MPS 

Mr. Ed C Joseph (Ed) is a multi-faceted chief financial officer, IT cyber security expert, educator and licensed school administrator and cognitive applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapist and founder of Smart N’ Academy—which is a therapeutic pre-school and kindergarten. As a CFO he’s responsible for school budgets ranging from $17-to $202 million. And most of all, Ed is a humanist. His life ministerial mission and purpose are to help individuals Discovering awareness and releasing exponential growth and success through their act of a genius in being, and thus creating solutions for self-healing and fulfilling living.

Ed walks his belief when he saved a 41-year-old woman in August 2012, who has three-young children from jumping off a Tappan Zee Bridge, by literally extending his hand and talking her out of killing herself: http://www.lohud.com/VideoNetwork/1794027471001/Pomona-man-recounts-TZ-Bridge-rescue

He is a self-described Christian mystic, spiritual healer, biblical scholar and minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and neural applied behavior therapist and counselor using Healing SHIFT Behaviors® (Sensory Hypnotic Intention Functional Technology) for healing treatment, along with meditative prayer. And therefore combining scientific and evidence-based therapy and spirituality. Ed provides therapeutic counseling in English and Haitian Créole.

Therapist Ed had a mystical experience or encounter into Enlightenment with his Higher-Self or God on 4 April 2014. His life and understanding of purpose forever changed in focus conscious awareness and in living by being present that “ I Am come that they may have life, and that they may have life more abundantly” ( John 10:10) by minding mind, mending heart in being one!

Ed spiritual gifting as a Healing Shift® healer and therapist is awe inspiring. He has used his spiritual gifting and brought healing to countless number of people (men, women, adolescents) by freeing them from negative energy–seen and unseen—into complete liberation and freedom for fulfill living.

Ed is a lifelong-learner with education in:

  • Master Professional Studies in Applied Behavior Analysis (BCBA)
  • Advanced degree in educational administration
  • Master’s degree in business administration (MBA) in finance
  • Bachelor’s degree in management information systems (MIS)
  • 3 Associate degrees in electrical and networking technologies
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)

“Education is truly and indeed the equalizer of opportunity when seized upon can elevate one community above another and one person above others .” Ed C Joseph

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