Rapha Binah is a Therapeutic Behavior Healing Center. We provide effective behavioral health coaching, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Autism Therapy), evidence-based interventions for child, adolescent, adult by Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and licensed autism expert (LBA).

       “Life is habit from Verbal Behavior.

 WHY behavior changes behaviors? R+!

     5% is knowing WHAT to do; thusly

 95% is knowing HOW to generalizability.

~Ed C Joseph

Rapha Binah, as an ABA human behavior therapy center, our board & licensed ABA analysts, therapists, Life-Health Coaches, are multi-lingual in English and Haitian French-Créole. We engendered solutions in empathic understanding of Faith-Health-Wealth and cultural sensitivity to serving  families in the Hudson-Valley throughout Rockland, in our Pearl River Therapeutic Center. We build behavioral skills and competencies for self-mastery management control through positive reinforcement.



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