Rapha Binah is a Therapeutic Behavior Healing Center. We provide medical necessity, DSM-5, mental behavioral health services, effective behavioral health coaching, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA Autism Therapy), effective, evidence-based ABA therapy interventions for child, adolescent, adult by Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and licensed autism expert (LBA). Our mission: Healing behaviors using the best, effective, scientifically proven with over 1000 peer-reviewed articles.

ABA Best Therapy Validated, Educative ASD Behavioral Services: NYS

  • ABA autism mental health behavioral therapy for functional skills
  • ABA verbal (language functions for improving positive, social reinforcement)
  • Social-emotional Integrative learning for empathic communal social responses 
  • Radical cognitive behavior desensitization private events (Trauma, PTSD, ADHD)
  • Business Growth Marketing Solutions  (OBM/ SEO social awareness)
  • Supervision for BCBAs, RBTs, and BCBA-exam prep at DiverseABA.com 

ABA is science based as the most effective treatment. Over 100 years of successfully educated and treated autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and mental health disabilities. 1000 peer-reviewed articles (Foxx & Mulick, 2016, p 243). U.S. National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has been continuously funding ASD research for more than 50 years (Foxx, 2007).

Our Functional Experiences & Success as ABA Researcher – Practitioner:1) Target brain-based neural development 2) Cognition for basic skills acquisition 3) Social behavior shaping 4) Disruptive behaviors individuation using intensive ABA Behavioral Therapy for child, adolescent, adult , veterans:

Functional, differential communication skills: “It’s my pleasure to see you, Mamou.” 4-yr boy w/ ASD

Progressive ratio: Cognitive behavior desensitization to oven fan noise; 4-yr boy w/ ASD (30 trials)

  • Progressive interval: Attended instructions for total duration of 1h:47m (12 trials) 4-yr boy w/ ASD
  • DNRA/NCR- contingent reversal: Escape aversive conditions “ask for breaks” 4-yr-boy w/ ASD
  • Generative learning for behavioral cusp: Learning to read using: 10X9 word grid (9! factorial ) 10-year-old boy w/ ASD; for self-mastery
  • Positive practice & analog rule SR: 50X200 sentences w/ typical 16-yr-boy demonstrate self-mastery
  • FTC: DRA/C “Negative vocalization” HS students w/ emotional outburst calling my nigg* to my dude
  • Multi-element & Changing Criterion: Rapha Binah Search engine Optimization (SEO) “First page” placement on Google
  • Cognitive behavioral desensitization: 7 women reduction in stress, anxiety, fear, PTSD; founded DiverseABA.com BCBA Exam Prep
  • Group interdependent contingency: OBM functional-based budget development of $202 million
  • Clinical behavioral analysis & desensitization: Talked 41-year-old woman from jumping off bridge

Rapha Binah, as an ABA human behavior therapy center, our board & licensed ABA analysts, therapists, Life-Health Coaches, are multi-lingual in English and Haitian French-Créole. We engendered solutions in empathic understanding of Faith-Health-Wealth and cultural sensitivity to serving  families in the Hudson-Valley throughout Rockland, in our Pearl River Therapeutic Center. We build behavioral skills and competencies for self-mastery management control through positive reinforcement.



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