Rapha Binah is a Therapeutic Behavior Healing Center. We provide effective behavioral health coaching, applied behavior analysis (ABA Autism Therapy), evidence-based, effective ABA therapy interventions for child, adolescent, adult by Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and licensed autism expert (LBA). Our mission: Healing behaviors using the best, effective, scientifically proven with over 1000 peer-reviewed articles.

ABA Best Therapy Validated, Educative ASD Behavioral Services: NYS

  • ABA autism mental health behavioral therapy for functional skills
  • ABA verbal (language functions for improving positive social reinforcement)
  • Social-emotional Integrative learning for empathic communal social responses 
  • Radical cognitive behavior desensitization private events (Trauma, PTSD, ADHD)
  • Business Growth Marketing Solutions  (OBM/ SEO social awareness)

ABA is science based as the most effective treatment. Over 100 years of successfully educated and treated autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and mental health disabilities. 1000 peer-reviewed articles (Foxx & Mulick, 2016, p 243). U.S. National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) has been continuously funding ASD research for more than 50 years (Foxx, 2007).

Our Functional Experiences & Success as ABA Researcher – Practitioner:1) Target brain-based neural development 2) Cognition for basic skills acquisition 3) Social behavior shaping for individuation using intensive ABA Behavioral Therapy for child, adolescent, adult , veterans:

Functional, differential communication skills: “It’s my pleasure to see you, Mamou.” 4-yr boy w/ ASD

Progressive ratio: Cognitive behavior desensitization to oven fan noise; 4-yr boy w/ ASD (30 trials)

  • Progressive interval: Attended instructions for total duration of 1h:47m (12 trials) 4-yr boy w/ ASD
  • DNRA/NCR- contingent reversal: Escape aversive conditions “ask for breaks” 4-yr-boy w/ ASD
  • Generative learning for behavioral cusp: Learning to read using: 10X9 word grid (9! factorial ) 10-year-old boy w/ ASD; for self-mastery
  • Positive practice & analog rule SR: 50X200 sentences w/ typical 16-yr-boy demonstrate self-mastery
  • FTC: DRA/C “Negative vocalization” HS students w/ emotional outburst calling my nigg* to my dude
  • Multi-element & Changing Criterion: Rapha Binah Search engine Optimization (SEO) “First page” placement on Google
  • Cognitive behavioral desensitization: 7 women reduction in stress, anxiety, fear, PTSD; founded DiverseABA.com BCBA Exam Prep
  • Group interdependent contingency: OBM functional-based budget development of $202 million
  • Clinical behavioral analysis & desensitization: Talked 41-year-old woman from jumping off bridge

Rapha Binah, as an ABA human behavior therapy center, our board & licensed ABA analysts, therapists, Life-Health Coaches, are multi-lingual in English and Haitian French-Créole. We engendered solutions in empathic understanding of Faith-Health-Wealth and cultural sensitivity to serving  families in the Hudson-Valley throughout Rockland, in our Pearl River Therapeutic Center. We build behavioral skills and competencies for self-mastery management control through positive reinforcement.



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